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SE's Cover Story

SE cover June copyWith their Ultimate Fantasy Sex Dolls, Pipedream Products is demonstrating what the future of adult retail looks like—and for starters, it comes in blonde or brunette.

In a world where “augmented reality” is quickly becoming more than a trendy phrase, it seems too plausible that augmented sex will become a reality.
Sure enough, the race to achieve interchangeable companionship is at full tilt. Chief among the competitors is Pipedream Products, which has made its presence known with its Ultimate Fantasy Dolls. SE Magazine spoke with Rob Phaneuf, VP of Product Development, to find out more about these dolls, what makes them so lifelike, and how we’re all inching closer to the future in the arena of sexual fulfillment.

SE's Featured Product

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.35.08 AM

XR Brands has expanded its Zeus Electrosex e-stim collection with three new e-stim probes: the Jolted Cock and Ball Strap with Penis Stim, Amped Ass Cock and Ball Strap with Anal eStim, and Amplifier Cock and Ball Strap with Penis eStim. These new products are designed to be used with the Zeus Powerbox and are built around cock-ring-inspired straps that deliver electro-stimulation directly to the testicles and/or penis. Each item includes a unique probe that allows the user to deliver a more targeted jolt for stimulating electro-sex play that can be felt in, on, and around users’ most sensitive erogenous zones.  

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  Certified Sexologist Sunny Rodgers set to host SE Awards Presentation during the ANME Founders Show.  
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  Familial Foundation
  Mother-daughter duo Janis and Amy Baldwin opened Pure Pleasure not just as an adult store, but as a community resource for...  
  On the scene... like a sex machine!
  On the a sex machine! Ready or not, the future is now. Though “sex robots” aren’t quite a thing yet, the...  
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