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Are you not Satisfyed?

Written by Sara Carter. Posted in FEATURE COLUMN

Jerome Bensimon knows Satisfyer could sell its products for more, but selling products at an affordable price point is a key element for his brand and he believes a strategy that has helped Satisfyer become, in his words, a “market leader.”
SE Magazine spoke with Satisfyer’s vice president of sales for details on the brand’s new releases as well as how the company drives home its vision of sexual wellness.

SE: For people who may not be familiar, what is Satisfyer’s mission?
BENSIMON: First, let me say we see ourselves as sexual wellness product manufacturer. Our mission is to always bring products under the umbrella of sexual wellness. What it means to talk about sexual wellness is bringing products that present: added value to the consumer, consumers in any industry only want to buy products if they know it’s going to do something for them; design, consumers are more and more design-aware; and price point. This is where our mission meets our vision, which is to always create products with affordable pricing. We don’t believe sexual wellness has to be a luxury item.
More and more often we’re thanked by retailers for offering items their customers can afford, because now there’s competition with Amazon. People attribute consistency of value to items—for example, you’re not going to buy a cockring for $50 when you can find one on Amazon for $9.99. There is a value put in perspective that people want to see to feel comfortable buying a product they’ve never heard of. Being in the industry is one thing, but being a consumer is completely different. With that being said, we consider sexual wellness as targeting men, women, singles and couples. Satisfyer is the first brand we launched, but we also recently came out with Satisfyer Men.
We are really passionate and we have a vision to continue and enhance the production of sexual wellness products and always with affordable price points. And since we’re talking B2B here, we have great margins for the retailers.

SE: What products do you have upcoming or are your newest releases?
BENSIMON: This year alone, Satisfyer will unleash 30 new products. First, we have two new products for Satisfyer Men: Satisfyer Men Vibration and Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration (electrical device vibrating/vibration and heating). They’re going to be a big hit.
We’re also coming out with Satisfyer Vibes Range, an amazing, well-priced, range of products. There are even new products that are part of the Satisfyer Partner line called Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 & 2. Those two products are coming with more than 11 ways to use them.
There’s so much more to come (between the releases around ANME and eroFame in October). In addition to the 30 new products we have coming out, we’re going to be aggressive in the market and will bring products that are going to be great sellers, but also affordable.

SE: How long have these products been in the design and production phases?
BENSIMON: Well, there’s a master plan. First of all, we pretty quickly understood how much women and couples were eager to be told and learn about sexual wellness. As soon as we discovered the presence of that segment, that new market, we developed lots of products.
We officially started in April 2016, so we’re 28 months out—which is nothing in the lifetime of a brand—and we’ve become a market leader because of the products we’re making. It was a case of the right product at the right pricing in the right place. So I would say since we started, we always constantly launch new products when the Satisfyer Pro 2 was reaching shelves 28 months ago, we were already developing the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, 2, 1 and so on. We came out with four new products six months later and then three months later we released Satisfyer Partner and we’ve continued to follow up since. It’s basically a constant stream of development.   

SE: In regard to sexual awareness, how do these new products continue the tradition of what Satisfyer has already begun to establish?
BENSIMON: We always want to believe in and have a vision for products that fall under the category of sexual wellness, men and women. Satisfyer has a specific technology that we can develop in various forms, but we have to be out of the box creating products with which customers will feel confident.
There is no way for us or the industry to bring new consumers to the party if you don’t make your products readily affordable because the truth is someone doesn’t want to blow $149 on a sex toy without knowing what it’s going to do. For us to reinforce this vision of sexual wellness, we invest massively in Elle and Cosmopolitan, as well as other magazines starting this month to reach the end consumer. We generate traffic in stores because we’re targeting millions of readers. The only way to support the Satisfyer brand the way you perceive it is to continue to manufacture and sell sexual wellness items at a price point customers want.

SE: What kind of a promotional material and aid can retailers expect with these new products once they’ve gotten them on their shelves?
BENSIMON: We will continue the exact same way we started—there is no sexual wellness promotional activity until any single employee of any single retail store, or online stores, can experience the product they’re selling to their customers. So we are the brand that gave away the most impressive number of testers and samples to sales staff and everyone else within the company. We gave away over 50,000 products worldwide so far; it’s an investment, but it’s a good return on investment. And that enables us to jump from unknown to one of the top-selling brands today.
That’s one of the goals and in terms of POS, we constantly come with displays for each of our products, testers for the consumers, and advertising on the B2C level (Elle, Cosmopolitan) which helps generate recognition at the store level.

SE: We’ve also heard something about a new entry into the lubricant market?
BENSIMON: Yes; there is a new line of lubricants, for men and women, that we have planned for the U.S. market, manufactured in the U.S. and FDA approved. Satisfyer and Satisfyer Men Lubricant will come in 10 oz. for women and 16 oz. for men. There will be three versions for men and women.

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