Female-Fronted Sex Toy Companies that are shaking things up!

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Sex toys are a $15 billion industry. Use of these gadgets are not limited to one gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, kink, or interest – they’re far from one-size fits all. But, until recently, the industry (like so many others) was largely dominated by men. Dildos and vibrators designed for women were marketed with pornographic imagery more likely to appeal to straight men, and the designs were based largely on what male executives assumed women wanted.
But that is changing. Recently, more and more women are stepping up to bring the female perspective to the helm of new sex-toy companies that are innovating and finding new ways to make sure everyone has a good time. Kinkly talked to five of these women about what they’re doing to make sure there’s something out there for everyone.

Alexandra Fine copyAlexandra Fine,
CEO of Dame Products

Kinkly: Why do you think it’s important for women to be in behind-the-scenes roles in the sex toy industry?

Alexandra Fine: Well for starters, we make products that mainly stimulate female genitalia, so having the parts for which we are designing definitely helps us make better products for those parts. It’s worth noting that we also think that it is important to have men behind the scenes. It’s really about each individual and creating a mini culture that respects other individuals simply for being human.
Not only do I think that our company culture allows us to make better products, but it also affords us the opportunity to have a powerful brand mission. We’re less about a unidimensional message and more about creating thoughtful, smart products that encourage humans to be able to get closer, via sex. We want to empower individuals and eradicate stigmas, and having a team that works together to that end is an empowering, and game-changing, component.

Stephanie R. Berman, Founder/President of Stephanie R. Berman
Berman Innovations, LLC, Creator of POP Dildo

Kinkly: What’s your company’s philosophy?

Stephanie Berman: I have always taken pride in being able to create a product I have successfully used in my personal life, which has translated into something many others have been able to use and benefit from. Education, acceptance, and providing high-quality products have always been the philosophies of my company. When designing POP, I did my best to take into consideration every possible detail, scenario, person and body. While it is nearly impossible to create a product which suits the needs of everyone, I feel confident the technology and quality of POP make it an exceptional choice in the category of ejaculating dildos.

LeAnne BlackLeAnne Black, Vice President of Operations
at Clean Light Labs

Kinkly: Why do you think it’s important for women to be in behind-the-scenes roles in the sex toy industry?

LeAnne Black: For decades, men overwhelmingly dominated the sex toy industry. Packaging and marketing was sexist and even pornographic - for items being sold to women. Materials were often toxic and poor quality with little consideration for designs that appealed to women. As more women jumped into in the market, and in leadership roles, we have seen a massive cultural shift in the industry. We are leading the movement toward sexual wellness through the design of body-safe and smartly designed products that enhance your sex life. With this cultural shift we are now opening the sexual wellness conversation up to mainstream media and reducing the stigma of adult oriented businesses.

Alicia Sinclair, Alicia Sinclair
Founder & CEO of b-Vibe

Kinkly: Why do you think it’s important for women to be in behind-the-scenes roles in the sex toy industry?

Alicia Sinclair: I think it’s important for women to be involved in all roles in the sex toy industry. As the majority consumer of sex toys, women should be in leadership roles such as development, marketing and sales. Our contributions bring a different thought process and approach and, IMHO, are often more thoughtful and appealing to other women.

Rianne SRianne S.,
Founder of Rianne S

Kinkly: What’s your company’s philosophy?

Rianne S.: From the beginning, it was my dream to do something good for women and their sexual lives. I have always believed that women deserve some extra attention when it comes to sexual matters. I find it sad that 10% to 15% of all women have never experienced orgasm. I am not saying that a vibrator is the optimal and only solution for female sexual well-being, but I find that pleasure products in general can help with exploring what you like sexually and accepting your body in a loving way. Design-wise, I think products should be ergonomically designed, good quality and well-priced so they are available for lots of women.

Lilly Dancyger is a freelance writer based in New York, and she’s written about sex and feminism for Glamour, Playboy, the Guardian, and more.


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