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Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.08.32 PMWomen’s health writer Christina Vanvuren details four ways interactive sex toys are changing web camming.

While modern interactive sex toys have received all kinds of publicity when it comes to their ability to connect long distance partners—or interface with interactive VR porn, they’ve quickly gained a following in another arena: web camming.
In fact, modern interactive sex toys have quickly become a cam girl’s dream “tool,” one that allows viewers to interact with their favorite performers in real time. Cam girls have already enthusiastically embraced the use of interactive sex toys for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the magnetic draw it creates for the pleasure seekers on the other side of the screen. Here are a few ways these interactive toys are changing this type of sex work.

Come control my vibrator
At any given moment, you can find tens of thousands of cam girls online. This means successful cam girls can’t just show up on screen and wait for the tips and private chats to roll in. They have to create a personal brand for themselves and market it in a way that attracts viewers and turns them into loyal, doting customers with an affinity for the tip button.
Cam girls who use interactive sex toys can set themselves apart by offering a virtual, yet very real, exchange of pleasure between viewer and model. When you’re vying for attention in a crowded industry, this kind of appeal goes a long way.
“It really gives viewers a different flavor than porn stars,” says Scarlet Raven, a 42-year-old cam model. “These interactive sex toys are the new world.”

An intimate experience
Cam girls don’t just deliver a performance; they offer up a chance for viewers to interact on a level that falls somewhere between watching porn and having sex in real life.
This differentiating factor is what cam girls bank on and, according to cam star Lindsey Banks, “interactive toys take the experience to a more personal and intimate level.” Banks recalls one client who was very isolated in his day-to day-life. Using interactive sex toys allowed them to reach across the digital divide and share an intimate moment. “Using the Kiiroo Pearl 2 I have to interact with his Onyx 2 was a big experience for him. It gave us such a personal connection and created a really special moment for us,” she says.

Customer love
If it’s the promise of an interactive sexual experience that makes viewers join a cam girl’s room, it’s the special moments like Banks described that turn them into repeat customers. Not only do viewers get to feel good at the hands of a cam girl, they also get to make her feel good. This kind of two-way, virtual interaction is a fantasy for a lot of people. And, in terms of providing a thrill, it’s a huge step up from just watching the action.
Raven and Banks both got started in camming for the money. But both women have kept camming because they enjoy it—the marketing, the on-cam performance, the feeling they get from fulfilling someone’s fantasy. Interactive sex toys make it easy to have fun in a room.
“Being able to connect and let viewers make you feel good is special,” says Banks. “And these guys can feel the vibrations I’m causing for them all the way across the country. Even the world. That’s so cool!”

More money, honey
Whether the money earned is the main attraction or cash is just a sweet perk, interactive sex toys are really changing the game for online sex workers. Cammers say the revenue potential from using teledildonics is relatively untapped, but viewers are increasingly seeking out this sort of experience.
“Viewers often scan the chat rooms to see which girls have interactive toys,” Raven says. “If you have one, you’re automatically more appealing.”

Christina Vanvuren is a women’s health writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She works with health and wellness startups to create engaging and educational content.


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