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Amber Rose talks body image, self acceptance, the word “slut” and sex toys with the Kinkly staff.

When we heard that Lelo, one of our favorite sex toy retailers (and sponsors!), was working with Amber Rose, we couldn’t wait to get a word in. In February, the celebrity who gained sex-positive street cred by helping to popularize SlutWalk debuted a curated sex toy collection in a bid to remind everyone to love themselves. You know, like, really love themselves! This week, we talked to Amber about sex toys, self love and the word “slut.” Enjoy!

Kinkly: Slut has often been used as a dirty word, but you’ve taken it on as a bit of a badge of honor. What does the word mean to you and why do you choose to use it?
Amber Rose: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a slut growing up, when I became famous and up until now. It used to really hurt my feelings but then I realized I’d be called a slut whether I behaved appropriately according to people’s standards or not. So, I decided to embrace being called a slut to use it to empower and fight back. So many women experience the same feeling and to me, slut means a woman who is taking ownership of her sexuality—and that’s really freaking powerful.

Kinkly: You’ve helped bring a lot of attention to the annual SlutWalks held across the country. Why is the event important for you?
AR: Women have a long history of being shamed and silenced for their sexual needs and desires, and I have spent my life fighting that injustice. I believe that everyone should have the ability to be sexual, while also being taken seriously. Women, including me, have always been looked down upon for expressing themselves in a way that is deemed sexual and I personally don’t agree with that.

Kinkly: As a frequent advocate for body image and self-acceptance, how do you think women can learn to embrace their bodies?
AR: I am very passionate about empowering everyone to embrace their bodies along with their pleasure. Curves, imperfections, stretch marks, scars and lumps are perfectly normal and are just as beautiful. For some women, it’s very hard to learn to love your body but it’s all just a mindset. You are already beautiful, you need to believe it and know it.

Kinkly: How does this fit with your sex-positive messaging and your work with LELO?
AR: Orgasms don’t judge, and neither do I. Pleasure is inclusive, and whether you’re a single, professional woman who makes her own pleasure, or a couple looking to spice up intimate moments, me and Lelo have you covered with a collection of products that turn up the heat. There is no shame in owning a pleasure product.

Kinkly: You recently teamed up with Lelo to curate a sex toy collection. How and why did you choose those toys? Which is your favorite?
AR: I just recently discovered how great sex toys are with the help of Lelo. All of the products in my pleasure chest were a part of the line but these are some of my favorite and I honestly love them all equally. Lelo has toys for men, women and couples. Everyone can find a little something they like in my line. If I had to choose, though, I would say the Ora 2. It’s so pretty that you could keep it on your coffee table, not to mention the oral sex is amazing.

Kinkly: Why do you think sex toys are important for women?
AR: Women and men are so often too ashamed to open up about masturbation and using sex toys. Our bodies are beautiful and we should be encouraged to explore ourselves and what makes us feel good. LELO puts the power of pleasure in your hands. It’s the safest form of sex with no slut-shaming, no awkward moments, no regrets. Just pleasure! Sex toys can add to your pleasure and confidence. There is nothing like knowing your own body and indulging in what makes you feel good.

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