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09000280000 GR817 3DOrion
Moving eroticism is staple of this German titan

WHO THEY ARE: Orion Wholesale has been on the international erotic trade scene for more than 30 years with its extensive bestseller assortment. Its packaging designs and labels have helped establish Orion as one of Europe’s most successful erotic wholesale companies. Based in Flensburg (Germany), Orion Wholesale is the largest sales channel in the Orion group, which also features a mail order company and the specialist stores, of which there are approximately 150 in Germany, Scandinavian countries and Austria.
WHY THEY SHOULD BE ON YOUR RADAR: Sticking true to its motto, “We move eroticism—quickly, reliably and flexibly!” Orion has its own labels and products, including the lingerie label Cottelli Collection, the high-class lingerie from Abierta Fina, the fashionable party outfits from Red Corner, the fetish brands Bad Kitty, Black Level, LateX and Zado, the popular You2Toys or the best-selling sex toys from Close2you and Sweet Smile.
Additionally, the Flensburg team works with well-known laboratories, which examine the products’ material properties before they get added to the assortment. Only toys made out of skin-friendly material pass the quality control checks. The functionality of the products is also independently tested by product testers.
HOW TO FIND THEM: Orion Wholesale supplies its customers with up to 80,000 items per day, including entire order fulfillments for some large retailers. Orion Wholesale has customers all over the world and these customers don’t just buy their products from Orion Wholesale, but also obtain customized promotional material like catalogs, fliers, posters, product testers and displays.
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jhandHot Octopuss
London-based company making waves beyond Pulse

WHO THEY ARE: Adam Lewis came up with the idea for Pulse—the product that put Hot Octopuss on the map—through his own curiosity. Having experimented with various vibrating women’s toys over the years, he realized they didn’t work as well for him as they did for women. Finding there was no true male equivalent, he saw the opportunity to invent something, hence Pulse. Adam then asked his friend Jules for her help on developing the new toy. And so Pulse, the world’s first Guybrator, was a toy based on medical literature surrounding penile vibratory stimulation. Since then, Hot Octopuss has released newer versions of Pulse, as well as Pulse Duo, Queen Bee, Pocket Pulse and Pocket Pulse Remote.
WHY THEY SHOULD BE ON YOUR RADAR: “As our products are fundamentally grounded in scientific research and evidence, we approach product design in a different way: starting with function we aim to design products are as beautiful as they are effective. And each one is totally unique and different to anything else out there.”
Adam says in addition to exploring new methods of producing the oscillations Hot Octopuss has become renown for, the company is also interested in unpacking and re-imagining existing product types that could work in different and more effective ways—bringing across ideas and learning from beauty, jewelry, lifestyle products and applying them to sex toys.
“The products in our pipeline now are completely different to our current market offer, so we are very excited to see how they are received,” Adam says.
HOW TO FIND THEM: Presently, Hot Octopuss has spread its tentacles to most corners of the world. Some of their bigger partners include Entrenue, Orion, Eropartner, Sugar and Sas in Australia and Mirai Colours in Japan.
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