Partnership between Tonga BV & Blush

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Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.39.27 PM Tonga BV is a leading distributor of erotic toys, novelties and lingerie in Europe, and has now gotten behind
the Blush Novelties brand.

Tonga BV has announced their exclusive European distribution agreement for the American pleasure product manufacturer Blush, creating Blush Europe. Blush is a brand that has stormed the American market by creating higher quality products at a better price. The Netherlands-based Tonga BV has established itself as one of the leading distributors of pleasure products throughout Europe, and Blush fits perfectly into their catalogue of high quality and competitively priced products.

Designed with consumers in mind
The Blush philosophy that all bodies are beautiful, worthy and deserving of celebration and pleasure means Blush products are designed with consumers in mind. If retail buyers are seeking to stock items that gain consumer trust and generate return visits, Blush is the brand to stock.
This solidified partnership means that Blush products are readily available to the European market.
“Our goal is not simply to sell more products in the European market,” says Blush CEO, Eric Lee. “What is more important is that we have found trusted partners who share the same values we have, that we grow together and serve European consumers well.”
This relationship was seeded in 2014, when Tonga took on the large Blush catalogue of products that serve all stores, from eCommerce, classic, progressive, and curated boutique stores alike.
Tonga CEO Joop de Jonge chimed in saying, “We are proud and happy that, with Blush Europe, we can bring our long-term relationship with Blush to a new level. We have always been enthusiastic about the professional way Eric Lee and his company works.”
Respect and friendship between Tonga and Blush have created a solid partnership. “Through one another we learn about each other’s cultures, which is wonderful for the personal development of the people in our organisations,” says Lee.

Introduction to the European market
According to de Jonge, the Blush brand is sure to bring a fresh, yet complimentary perspective to the European market: “The Blush brand is absolutely perfect for the European market with its collection that offers good quality, engaging packaging and an interesting price point.”
The new year is a landmark year for this cross Atlantic partnership; which means that European retailers now have a solid foundation for learning about and stocking the Blush brands. Stores now have a trusted source for all Blush European products, with the complete catalogue available exclusively from Tonga.

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