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 JopinAccording to Merriam-Webster, the etymology of “amour” is rooted in love, be it from Latin or Anglo-French. Admittedly, word origins may not be all that romantic, but Jopen’s newly released four-piece Amour collection certainly is.

In lockstep with the winter holidays and orders for the Valentine’s Day season, Jopen’s Amour collection is aptly named and perfectly timed. Unveiled at the July 2017 ANME show, Amour boasts the Amour Remote Bullet and the Mini G, as well as the Wand and the Dual G Wand.
“We were excited to be able to show the stunning products in a feminine display,” says Jopen CEO Susan Colvin. “The whole ambiance was soft and inviting to showcase to retailers how to promote the four-piece luxury collection in their stores.
“The fanfare surrounding Amour is thrilling for all of us here at Jopen,” continues Colvin. “Our distribution and retail partners have been impressed by the elegance and power of the line, as well as its affordability. They can’t wait to get their hands on it.”
All the toys are covered in pink Satin Finish Silicone and showcased in an artfully designed envelope-shaped box.
Robin Stewart, Jopen’s brand manager, also gushed about the themed packaging. “I can’t wait to see our lovely Amour boxes adorning retail shelves,” she says. “They’ll really make a statement because of how beautifully they can be merchandised.”
Each product also features an easy-to-use heart-shaped controller, and offers seven functions of vibration along with five independent speeds.
But as Colvin reveals to Storerotica, this new line is much more than just a catchy name.

SE: What was the inspiration for Amour?

Susan Colvin: The inspiration behind Amour was truly about love and passion. Sometimes sending a love letter to your beloved can spark the passion that was once missing in a relationship. Sometimes we need to love ourselves and what better way than to bring home a luxurious product to enjoy!
We designed the collection around these attributes: Sensuality, power, elegance, independent speeds and functions, ease of use, luxurious silicone and ensuring that it is USB rechargeable. When it all comes together the end result is truly Amour!

SE: How long has the Amour collection been in the works?

Colvin: At Jopen, we really take the time to curate our collections, and with Amour, this process took about one year. We JO-8010-10-3 2pay special attention to color choices, styles of products, features, benefits and display options, as well as the ever-important packaging. Each step of the way, changes are made to enhance the overall presentation of the collection to make it the best it can be. We aim to please our retailer partners, but more importantly, we strive to provide the ultimate satisfaction for consumers.

SE: Which of the four products came first and how did the creative process go from there?

Colvin: Jopen has an extremely talented and creative product development team of women that design the look and features of our collections. They felt a stunning remote controlled product was needed based on the feedback we have received, so they began there. The petite heart-shaped controller really set the tone for everything after that.
One focal point of Amour is its pleasurable sizing. From our research, we’ve learned that many consumers are intimidated by larger-sized toys. With the Amour collection, we created designs that are sized right, easy to use and harness five distinct and independent functions. This will definitely elevate a user’s experience.

SE: From the name, to the packaging, to the color scheme, was this all done with Valentine’s Day in mind?

Colvin: Valentine’s Day wasn’t our first thought when creating the collection, but it truly does make the perfect gift. The packaging is adorned with a cute red heart right in the center of the envelope-shaped box along with the silky soft pink silicone of each style. These two features alone make for an upscale and impressive display this romantic holiday. But let’s not skip over the other winter celebrations! Love is always in season, and gift-giving of Amour is perfect for any occasion.

SE: How is this line balancing romanticism and sexuality?

Colvin: Amour is the perfect balance between romance and sensuality. It was very strategically created to bring sexy back! All four products can appeal to the most discerning of customers who can choose to use the toys alone or with a partner. That’s the beauty of Amour.

SE: What is it about Amour that has helped create such an industry buzz?

HeartColvin: Amour is literally flying off the shelves! We are deep in production and shipping pallets out daily due to its packaging, performance, and price! The package is what draws you in, then the performance makes you fall in love.
Amour is centered around lavish functionality. The beautiful collection not only offers seven intense functions of vibration, pulsations and escalation, it also incorporates five independent speeds for each function. This gives users 35 different pleasure combinations to choose from. Once they hold the power of the product in their hands they are sold!

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