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Written by Sara Carter. Posted in RETAIL EDGE


As a shop owner, you’ve got a million things going on at all times—marketing, sales, payroll, vendors, rent, etc. These are just some of the responsibilities you juggle on a daily basis. But one thing you can’t let slip is employee retention.
Your employees are your frontline when a customer walks into your store. They can make or break a sale so it is important to note that your management style and dedication to training can help them “make” more than “break.” And if you go through the trouble of finding good employees and taking the time to train them, you will of course want to see a return on that investment.
If you’re struggling with a high-turnover situation, you may need to sit back and look at what you’re doing. You may be focused on so many other aspects of your business, you may be neglecting the things your employees need from you as an employer. Your employees can’t thrive without your support—they need you to value them as much as you value your business.
Because we want you to retain the best employees and succeed with your retail business, we’re providing some helpful tips for reducing employee turnover:

• Hire the right people, the first time. Is your interview process thorough enough? It might take more than one interview in person to determine if someone is a good fit for your culture. Make sure your other employees have a chance to talk to the interviewee and get their feel on a new hire. Also, background checks are always a good idea.

• Be the stairstep in their career. Give each employee a chance to try something new. If your floor clerk wants to learn about distribution, educate them on order placement and vendors. Give them opportunities to learn by offering a library in the break room for employees to check out books. Another way to increase the value of your employee base is to offer them an education. It’s easy—send them to our Elevate U e-learning program ( where they can become certified in the subject of sexual health and then become a valuable resource of information for your customers. Employees want to feel that working for you will lead to better opportunities, whether it’s within your company or on their own.

• Give some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Listen to your employees when they come to you with a problem, a suggestion or an idea. Don’t ridicule them or dismiss what they say—you’ll shut them down and then they won’t feel they can trust you. Also, involve them in major company decisions that affect their jobs. Make them feel they are a part of the company and that their input matters.

• Show them some love. Your recognition and acknowledgment of your employees’ positive behavior will go a long way to making your employee feel valued.

• Then show ‘em the money. It helps to increase the pay or give out bonuses to employees when they go above and beyond their required duties. It will motivate them (as well as their fellow employees) to seek out opportunities to improve their on-the-job performance.

• Laugh. How many times have you seen your customers pick up certain items and giggle? It’s very healthy to have a sense of humor about what we do. Having a fun and humorous rapport among your employees boosts morale and also has the benefit of making your customers more comfortable shopping in your environment.

By treating your employees well and rewarding their good performances, you will help reduce turnover and boost morale. And that, in turn, will help increase productivity and turn a higher profit. And when you’re known as a great employer to work for, more people will want to work for you and hold on to their jobs.

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