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In each issue we take an in depth look at some of the many facets of the Erotic Product Industry. We explore possibilities for products, popular techniques and the latest trends for Retailers and Vendors.

Euro Trip


webiStock-492528693SE lists the top European adult product manufacturers!

When examining the history of “sex toys,” it is virtually impossible to ignore the role that early Europeans played in their evolution. The revelation of the first such toy—a dildo—can be traced back 30,000 years to cave drawings in what is now Germany. The ancient Greeks also show the presence of dildos in their art and literature, dating back all the way to the 5th century BC.
Fast  forward thousands of years, and their evolution eventually led to the U.S.—specifically, Southern California—as being the new epicenter of the adult novelty industry. Look no further than Chatsworth, whose roads are paved through to permanent residences of sex toy manufacturers and adult film production companies.
However, over the decades, the pleasure products industry has continued to boom and found a burgeoning home in Europe with new brands and products popping up faster than is possible to keep track of. Some labels you undoubtedly stock were birthed overseas, providing a distinctly European flair. And the testament to Europe’s history and success as an established bastion of adult retail is in the fact that you can go to pretty much any one of the contiguous 48 states and see a toy from Germany, England or France.
In fact, Europe’s foothold is such that we could have devoted front-to-back coverage of European brands. However, this focus is meant to shine a spotlight on the brightest names, since it isn’t always easy to keep up with what’s happening halfway across the world.
Much like the automotive industry, the adult retail industry draws heavily from the world over and has visible geographical delineations. And while in the U.S., it’s always nice—and encouraged—to buy American-made, it’s just as pleasant to see how the other half lives. Case in point, Americans love muscle cars, but even now, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are still viewed as luxury car brands signaling affluence and arrival.
A reminder, this focus isn’t meant to convince you to ditch your proven American brands in favor of European flavor. Rather, it’s intended to remind—or apprise—you of the best European brands that will broaden your shelves’ horizons. In the interest of fairness, we’ve let each company present its merit in a Q&A format, in their own words.

WOMANIZERScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.57.31 PM

Touting itself as being made for every woman, Womanizer was the brain child of inventor Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte. They invented the Womanizer in the small town of Metten, in Lower Bavaria.
Lenke and Brigitte heard about many women globally having problems with experiencing an orgasm. Determined to make a change, Lenke oversaw the development of a female-focused toy in the Womanizer, with its patented Pleasure Air Technology. The Pleasure Air Technology makes it possible to stimulate the clitoris without any direct contact, so as to avoid overstimulation or an effect of habituation.
The Womanizer portfolio has expanded to include six products and has done so in only three-plus years, with two new additions to the family in 2017—the Womanizer 2Go (a compact toy) and the Womanizer Plus (an extended-length product in the traditional wand style).
Most recently, Womanizer has unveiled the Starlet and the Womanizer InsideOut. The Starlet offers a practical format that delivers the potency of the Womanizer on the go. This mobility, combined with a modern design, makes the Starlet an ideal companion for those who are still at the beginnings of their sexual development but still care about a patented premium product. The Womanizer Starlet also features four intensity stages, meaning newcomers won’t be overwhelmed.
The Womanizer InsideOut was created because the company did its due diligence and found out that while the clitoral stimulation the Womanizer provides is pleasing, it can feel as though a sense of closeness and intimacy is missing. Besides the original Pressure wave stimulation, the InsideOut also has a vibrator. With 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation and 12 levels for the vibrator—functions that can be controlled independently—users can find the perfect setting for them.
Today the Womanizer is available in more than 30 countries worldwide with offices in Berlin, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

For more information, visit womanizer.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

EXSENSScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.10.51 PM

Exsens is part of an international industry group that develops, formulates and produces all of their products at their cosmetics and medical devices facility in Aix-en-Provence, France, a region synonymous with the highest-quality cosmetics, and bath and body products. SE spoke to Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, Exsens’ U.S. sales manager, to find out more about what separates Exsens from similar manufacturers.
SE: What makes Exsens one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Pinette-Dorin: We take that incredible quality that the South of France embodies and we bring it into the sensual market. Add to that a real desire to promote healthy, sexy fun and a dash of French chic and you have a product line that pleases and continues to please.
I love when someone tries our flavors for the first time and I see their face light up with the expression “This is really good!”—like they’re surprised sensual products can taste delicious!
I love it when someone comes up to me and says, “I am in love with your intimate cleanser! It feels amazing!” Or “I use your Aventurine massage oil for everything!”
These are the kind of products we want to make. Fun for a night, but also fun for your life.
SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Pinette-Dorin: We have just launched two new Warming Massage flavors that are organic. The White Peach Organic Warming Massage Oil is selling so fast we’re having a hard time keeping it in stock. I think it’s because it’s just so delicious, but also because it is 100% all-natural, made with organic ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. Consumers are very woke these days! I also have to mention our Arousal Lip Gloss. It is definitely the underdog winner of 2017!
SE: As of summer 2017, Exsens was available in 35/50 states, how have you managed to gain such a strong foothold in the U.S. and what plans do you have to keep expanding within the U.S.?
Pinette-Dorin: I think our success and our continued success is based on both strong partnerships with our distributors, and a lot of communication toward end-users. We know that if someone tries our product, they will love it! We have also made a concerted effort to create new products that are in line with what consumers want—high quality, organic, natural and female friendly. They also have to work!
SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Pinette-Dorin: We really want our product line to succeed in your store. We have training videos for staff. We provide testers, in-store marketing aids and our colorful packaging is going to stand out on your shelves. Come by and see us at ANME or at one of our distributor booths at Altitude and try out our products for yourself!

For more information, visit exsens-paris.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

KIIROOScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.12.01 PM

Founded in 2013, Kiiroo is a Dutch sex tech startup specializing in teledildonics/cyberdildonics. The idea for Kiiroo was inspired by the 1993 movie Demolition Man. In the movie, there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have virtual sex using helmets on their heads. This scene sparked the idea of facilitating a more intimate connection than video chat or sexting. That’s where the idea for Kiiroo was born. SE spoke to Ashton Egner, communications manager for Kiiroo to find out more about the company’s evolution.

SE: What makes Kiiroo one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Egner: Definitely the fact that our technology is changing the way we think about intimacy. We here at Kiiroo are creating a safe space for people to interact online and giving them the tools to be intimate regardless of how far they may be.
We have also made it possible to sync our interactive devices to content, whether it is 2D, VR or 3D gaming. The Kiiroo products sync seamlessly to give users a truly interactive and immersive experience.
One of the unique aspects of our devices is that they can be updated remotely through our app. This means the capabilities of the Kiiroo devices are essentially, timeless. Every time we integrate a new feature, your device will be prompted to update, giving you a world of new possibilities.
Last, but certainly not least, we have started licensing our interactive technology to other toy manufacturers and content owners. Over the last few months we have created several interactive devices for third-party companies using the Kiiroo technology, and we have made a number of partner websites compatible with these devices.

SE: What message is Kiiroo trying to get across?
Egner: We want to close the gap between people, no matter how far you may be. Whether it be a long-distance relationship or a single looking to explore their sexuality online in a safe space, or just enjoy interactive content, we want to be able to help. Our aim is not to replace real intimacy, but rather to facilitate intimacy when you are unable to be intimate in person.

SE: How have you seen the niche industry of teledildonics change since Kiiroo’s foundation in 2013?
Egner: We have seen a huge interest in the interactive aspect, not just for relationships. There has been a rise in demand for our products and technology in the webcam industry. Performers on a variety of webcam sites can now connect their Kiiroo device through our app and generate tips from their viewers that translate into vibrations.
It is a really cool concept and has really helped to “spread the gospel” about interactive devices. Alongside this, other major players in the industry have seen the benefits of implementing Bluetooth chips in their devices in order to make their products interactive and connect with the Kiiroo Technology.
We have also seen a huge increase in interest from mainstream audiences as people have seen the benefits of these devices for sex education, sex therapy and other non-adult related aspects.

SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Kiiroo currently has?
Egner: Our biggest market is in fact the U.S.; we have a significantly higher volume of sales that happen in the U.S.. In my opinion, this is in big part due to the fact that there are a lot of early adopters of technology and in general, a huge interest in virtual reality and sex tech.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Egner: If you are ready to step into the future with a forward-thinking, innovative company, that produces high-quality, interactive products; then we are the right company for you.
For more information, visit kiiroo.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

LOVEHONEYScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.16.34 PM

Based out of England, Lovehoney was founded in 2002 and has since grown into a multi award-winning manufacturer and distributor of sex toys worldwide. Lovehoney has operations in the U.K., Australia, the U.S. and Hong Kong for efficient global distribution.
In addition to its presence worldwide, Lovehoney has made inroads in the adult retail industry by holding the official license to make and manufacture the official Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure products range, as well as official Motorhead, Motley Crue and tokidoki ranges. For interested retailers in the U.S., Lovehoney isn’t too hard to get a hold of, already working with major distributors Adam and Eve, Eldorado and Entrenue, among others. You can also introduce yourself at the next ANME show, where they are regular exhibitors.
Perhaps Lovehoney’s single biggest claim to fame is as the largest online retailer of sex toys and related products in the U.K. Lovehoney is rated “outstanding” in more than 80,000 reviews on the independent customer review site Shopzilla, which rates 22 shopping factors including product selection, price, speed of delivery and quality of customer care.
They have been awarded the Best Customer Service Award for online retailers at the eCommerce Awards for Excellence.
Lovehoney won the Internet Retailing Award 2013 against competitors including eBay, Amazon and Burberry. Their success with the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection and Fifty Shades of Grey Official Sensual Care Collection has earned us the Insider International Trade Award 2013 for Best International Deal.

For more information, visit lovehoney.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

NEXUS RANGEScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.19.04 PM

Nexus is a British adult brand known internationally for producing innovative adult products for men and women. Nexus was founded in 2005 upon the realization that the sex toy market as it was lacked quality products for men. Where women had a vast array of products at their disposal, men were rather limited for choice, particularly when it came to the higher end of the market.
This changed when Nexus launched the award winning Excel. Carefully engineered to fit the inner contours of the male body, the distinctive shape coupled with the patented stainless steel roller ball perineum massager proved to be a winning formula which set the foundation for the rest of the range. SE spoke with Nexus’ director, Monique Carty, to find out exactly why they’ve become a stand-out, especially in the world of adult toys for men.  

SE: What makes Nexus one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Carty: Nexus is unique in the products it offers and is a leader in good quality and innovative G- and P-spot toys.

SE: What is your brand’s philosophy?
Carty: As a high-end brand, quality and innovation is what we stand for. We strive to create products that are unique and that are made in the best way possible.

SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Carty: Our best-selling item is Revo Stealth, our first remote-controlled Revo. The Revo range is a range of rotating and vibrating, rechargeable prostate massagers that were the first of their kind. Consumers still see it as the original and the best and the go-to product if you really want to invest in prostate massage. There are four Revo’s in the range, Revo 2, Revo Stealth, Revo Intense and Revo Slim, something for everyone.

SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Nexus currently has?
Carty: Nexus has been back in the states for just under two years and is available from most major distributors and retailers. We don’t have a permanent rep in the U.S. and so we rely on our partners to work closely with us and our distributors. As our range grows we have found that our coverage in the U.S. also grows and we are looking forward to continuing this growth.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Carty: We would love to work with you! We are aware that our brand signifies prostate massage to a lot of customers which is great, but retailers should be aware that we are offer a lot more than that. In the past I have had potential customers say they don’t sell “expensive” toys or “prostate” toys, but once I show them the entire range they realize their perception of the brand is off. I would urge anybody that isn’t aware of the entire Nexus range to visit our website to see what we are all about.
 For more information, visit nexusrange.com or email Monique at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

ORIONScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.20.11 PM

Based in Flensburg (Germany), Orion Wholesale is the largest sales channel in the Orion group, which includes Orion Wholesale, the international mail order company and specialist stores. In addition the approximately 150 stores in Germany, there are also stores in Austria, Spain and the Scandinavian countries. SE spoke to Björn Radcke, Key Account Manager for Orion Wholesale, to find out exactly what makes them a unique European vendor.

SE: What makes Orion one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Radcke: Orion Wholesale has been very successful in the industry for more than 30 years with its extensive bestseller assortment containing quality-controlled products, and especially with its packaging designs and labels that have done more than just influence the erotic industry in a permanent way. It is one of Europe´s most successful erotic wholesale companies.
Furthermore, Orion Wholesale stands for fair and stable prices, high delivery capacity and competent and service-oriented advice. They have customers all over the world and their motivated team is available for them everyday. Their main focus is on a trusting business relationship and personal contact, and that is why the sales team also visits their customers and has fixed appointments on their calendars for these visits that take them all over the world.

SE: Can you talk about how Orion brings its motto “We move eroticism—quickly, reliably and flexibly” to life?
Radcke: Orion Wholesale follows this motto by supplying its customers with up to 80,000 items per day. Orion Wholesale even does the entire order fulfillment for some large retailers.
Stocks are also continuously increasing, thanks to constant positive business development. This means there are new logistical challenges and increasing logistical demands. The standardized, multi-order-picking system, the three pick-by-light systems and the two material flow computers ensure quick processing of orders, meaning wholesale customers on five continents receive their Orion orders on time.

SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Radcke: Orion has a large selection of own labels and products, which are delivered in innovative, environmentally-friendly, promotional packaging and there is also a description of the item in various languages as well.
The market-leading labels and products are well-known all over the world and stand for a successful, sustainable strategy, which has the necessary tactfulness for the erotic industry. Retailers and customers trust in this know-how and benefit from the variety of products and labels that are high-quality and have brand recognition.
Orion Wholesale has also recently released a bestseller in the sex toy category, the Suck-O-Mat. The Suck-O-Mat masturbator with its innovative “Suck-O-Mat Hands Free Masturbation Technology” will make men’s hearts race—not just because of how it looks, but above all because of its unbelievable blow job skills. The colorful sex toys from “Sweet Smile” are also very popular. The highlight: these high-quality silicone toys have silky soft-touch surfaces that provide intense stimulation and open the door to thrilling new experiences of pleasure.
The BDSM items from “Bad Kitty” open the door to thrilling new experiences of pleasure as well. They are modern and cheeky, which makes them perfect for beginners wanting to try out this special world of passion.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Radcke: You will find Orion products in every erotic retail store in Europe. The product range meets the highest German quality standards.
If you start including Orion products in your store, you’ll have something new on the shelves and you’ll be different from your competitor.

For more information, visit orion-wholesale.com or email Björn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SATISFYERScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.20.54 PM

Started in spring 2016, Satisfyer appeared as a leading brand in the category of sexual wellness and has since evolved into a manufacturer of best-selling toys worldwide.
Satisfyer’s product range targets both women and men with entry level, affordable price categories. Since November 2017, the brand Satisfyer has operated an independent online shop, which enables the distribution of products worldwide directly to consumers.
Currently, the company is working on several new Satisfyer Women and Satisfyer Men TV spots and a worldwide campaign in collaboration with Europe’s most prestigious and award-winning advertising agency, Jung von Matt. The first world premieres were published at the end of February 2018.
In the coming years, the principles at Satisfyer suggest that they will invest tens of millions of dollars to promote Satisfyer Men and Satisfyer Women, further expanding the sexual wellness market. SE spoke with Jerome Bensimon, president of EIS/Satisfyer, to find out what has made them such a popular toy brand.

SE: What makes Satisfyer one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Bensimon: Satisfyer is not only a market leader in Europe, but all over the world. We really early took the lead of sexual wellness with incredible response from consumers. Affordable pricing was also a great addition to this success.
 SE: What is your brand’s philosophy?
Bensimon: Affordable and high added value products to consumers in this sexual wellness territory.
SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Bensimon: Satisfyer Pro 2, just before the recently launched Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Pricing making it affordable—$59.95 and $49.95 MSRP, respectively—to most of the women who are looking to enhance their sexual wellness,
SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Satisfyer currently has?
Bensimon: We’re a market leader in this category with still a lot of work to do in education with retailers.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Bensimon: They are certainly working with one of our extended network of distributors.

For more information, visit satisfyer.com or email Jerome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

pjurScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.21.46 PM

The pjur group is a globally active company with corporate locations in the U.S., Australia and its headquarter in Luxembourg. The company’s core business ranges from cosmetic to medical products, all based around their core competency of skin care. SE spoke to the CEO and founder of pjur, Alexander Giebel, to find out how the brand has been able to thrive in Europe and in the U.S.

SE: What makes pjur one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Giebel: pjur was the first company which introduced a silicone-based personal lubricant around the globe. The pjur group is a family-run company. For 23 years, we’ve put our heart and soul into developing and distributing our products. The name pjur (pronounced: pure) is synonymous with reliability and safety the world over, promising premium products ”Made in Germany” to uncompromising quality standards. Some people have suggested that we are the global leader of premium personal lubricants, and that is what we focus on. We do a lot of marketing and PR around the globe and everything follows the same corporate identity. Last, but definitely not least, we are registered at health authorities like the FDA and others around the world.
SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Giebel: With pjur, you get the full package. We love what we do and we always hold a deep and strong relationship to all our retailers. pjur gives you more support: We supply our customers with PoS materials like flyers, displays, samples, online banners and everything else to support sales—whether online or offline. pjur gives you more awareness: We do advertising campaigns in online—and offline magazines, we do events, we do sponsoring and different PR activities. pjur gives you more closeness: We offer product trainings for all our retailers. As we have more than 60 products, it is important to know the differences to give the best recommendation to the end customers.
According to this, we just launched our new campaign “pjur love – gives you more”, which is quite big in Europe already and will develop in the U.S. soon. So, you see pjur is a highly professional brand and you should definitely be a part of it!

For more information, visit pjur.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

ROCKS-OFFRO 90 group

One of the U.K.’s leading multi-award winning manufacturers and innovators of adult pleasure products. Established more than 14 years ago, Rocks-Off features headquarters and warehouse facilities in the U.K. SE spoke with Sue Walsh, Rocks-Off’s managing director, to find out what has made them one of Europe’s most successful brands.

SE: What makes Rocks-Off one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Walsh: Rocks-Off are a well known and established brand within the industry known for both our quality and innovation. Our Male ranges are iconic and our products and brand are instantly recognizable.

SE: What is your brand’s philosophy?
Walsh: Products with exceptional quality that deliver an experience to the end user from first sight and touch and provide enjoyment at very affordable price points.

SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Walsh: We’ve recently launched a number of new ranges all with very strong identities and presentations which are based on our top performing RO 90 10-speed bullets. The packing and product finishes have been based and aimed on what is currently trending in the main stream which makes these products very current and we have seen an upsurge in orders for these. We also launched another male range at ANME in January with a very strong identity which is doing super well and we will be adding to this range throughout 2018.

SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Rocks-Off currently has?
Walsh: Rocks-Off enjoys a strong presence in the U.S. and also in Europe and we have the pleasure in working with some of the top distributors and large retail groups globally.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Walsh: As a manufacturer, we are able to offer very good price points together with a raft of services including on brand and white label. Our in-house team is delighted to sit down and discuss what we can offer which includes a full design service.

For more information, visit rocks-off.com or email Sham at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

CREATIVE CONCEPTIONSScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.24.12 PM

Creative Conceptions is predominantly a distributor of different types of games, brands and novelties within the U.S. market. Creative Conceptions also exclusively manufacture the Skins Sexual Health Brand, one of the fastest growing sexual wellbeing brands worldwide. SE spoke to Creative Conceptions’ director, Richie Bowles, to find out more about the games people play.
SE: What makes Creative Conceptions one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Bowles: We have one of the largest couples’ ranges for stores and websites across the U.S. and mail-order companies that we feel have a tremendous amount of quality, a lot of fun when they play the games. Also, it enables couples to really, sensually, be together. For retailers, it increases their revenue by having a different type of game available for the consumer. Our best-selling game is Monogamy, and that is one of our number-one-selling items in the U.S.
SE: What’s the message Creative Conceptions tries to convey?
Bowles: We try to convey a fun element. We specialize in the couple’s’ market on the game side of things. We have good-quality products that enable retailers to have a lot of additional sales through the sale of our games. We also feel we have games throughout the year—not just the holiday times, particularly with Monogamy, which does extremely well across all of the seasons.
SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Creative Conceptions currently has?
Bowles: In terms of distributors in the U.S., we have ECN, Williams Trading, Eldorado, Nalcor, Honey’s Place, Holiday Products, Entrenue, Lion’s Den, National Video, LC Distributors, Adam & Eve, Lancaster Distribution and Metro East. We also supply certain chains within the U.S., like Spencer’s Gifts and Lover’s Lane.
SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Bowles: We have a quick turnaround in terms of actual fulfillment we have, so when we get orders, we process them that day so they’re dispatched that day or at the worst, the next day. We do generally pride ourselves on not being out of stock for products. We do offer something unique and different in the marketplace for games and novelties. We assist with training in the stores. Some of the games, if you don’t know how they work, it can be difficult if a customer comes up to you and asks you how to play. We make sure retailers have the training to be able to sell the game to the best of their ability.
For more information, visit creativeconceptions.co.uk or email Richie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Casey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

ELECTRASTIMScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.25.00 PM

With his background in medical electronics design, ElectraStim CEO Andy Smith couldn’t ignore the potential in the electro-stimulaton-for-pleasure market. At the time, in 2001, there weren’t many electro brands out there, so Smith saw a niche to establish ElectraStim as a brand that not only caters for the fetish market but makes e-stim more accessible for beginners. SE spoke with Claire Blakeborough, ElectraStim’s marketing and communications manager, to find out more about the company and what their new warehouse in Florida has done for their growth.

SE: What makes ElectraStim one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?
Blakeborough: We spend a lot of time investing in our retailers and distributors, which includes personalized training (in person or via Skype), in-store displays and product documentation.
Electro-stimulation sells best with proper education for both staff and consumers; we work incredibly hard to be the go-to brand for guidance on safe and fun electro play.
SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?
Blakeborough: Our Jack Socket has always been a best-seller as the only electro-stroker on the market, but last year we released a new ‘XL’ sleeve for guys with a larger-than-average penis. Although a small adaptation and a quiet launch by itself, it really drew people’s attention back to the Jack Socket so both the Standard and the XL versions have been flying out the door.
SE: We learned about this time last year that ElectraStim set up warehousing in Florida along with invoicing in USD, so how has your presence in the U.S. improved in the last year?
Blakeborough: The improvement has been massive, and we’re absolutely delighted. It makes it so much easier for our U.S. customers to deal with us and has opened up a lot of avenues in the U.S.—which was our key target area for growth last year. Added to that, as a U.S.-registered company we have also been able to attend the ANME shows which are invaluable for meeting new customers and spending time with those we may have only had a digital relationship with so far.
 SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?
Blakeborough: ElectraStim is a market leader in electro-stimulation products—we combine award-winning innovation with attractive and clear packaging. We also offer a wide range of support for retailers with comprehensive training and gorgeous interactive retail displays to ensure that everyone who walks into your store can try electro in a controlled, safe and relaxed environment.
For more information, visit electrastim.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Much A Do About Butt Things


sf buttoctSimilar to other facets of the adult retail sector within the last few years, sales of products dealing with anal pleasure have grown by leaps and bounds both within the walls of brick-and-mortar stores and the endless expanses of online consumerism.

Whether it’s butt plugs, prostate toys, lubricants or any one of the other myriad products designed to provide delight to the derriere, this SE Focus highlights some of the industry’s top anal products.

Run Rabbit Run!


so calexoticsWith an impressive 30-years-plus legacy, CalExotics’ Jack Rabbit is still burrowing in stores nationwide

By now, everyone knows CalExotics. It’s as prominent a name as there is in this industry. And much like everyone associates Steve Jobs with Apple, so is Susan Colvin associated with CalExotics. Following that comparison, it isn’t a stretch to consider the Jack Rabbit as the iPod of the adult retail industry.


LGBT Focus


WEBChuck PHSJoy in Pride

Adult manufacturers have many products designed for LGBT Customers, but what businesses are truly LGBT-centric?

While almost every adult industry manufacturer has products designed for LGBT customers, only a handful of businesses are truly LGBT-centric — companies who are owned and/or operated by those within the LGBT community, or companies whose products are designed specifically for them. For this special focus editorial, we spoke to four companies — PHS International, MD Science Lab, Perfect Fit and Spunk Lube — to get their views on what it means to be an LGBT-centric company in 2017 and what new products of theirs that they’re most excited about.

Joani Blank


sfe3 17 febIndustry legend continues to have a profound impact effect on erotic retail

Blank, who passed away on August 6, 2016, founded Good Vibrations four decades ago as one of the very first adult toy shops in the U.S.

Forty years ago, we were introduced to a galaxy far, far away, Apple was incorporated and Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her Silver jubilee. Also that year, in San Francisco, Joani Blank was making her own imprint by opening Good Vibrations, the country’s second-ever women’s sex toy business (behind Eve’s Garden in New York City, founded by Dell Williams).  Passed away on Saturday, August 6th.

Party for one!


PULSE-III-SOLO 5Industry vendors reveal their top strokers, while store owners tell SE about their top-sellers!

Hot Octopuss gets his Pulse pounding with new Solo and Duo versions

Hot Octopuss has released the third installment of its world-renowned sex toys, Pulse III Solo and Pulse III Duo. Both new toys utilize the brand’s signature oscillating technology and cutting edge design, as well as incorporating enhanced features to reach new heights of pleasure.
Pulse III Solo, for men, is fully waterproof, has five pre-set vibration modes, a speed sensor, state-of-the-art magnetic charging and an all-new turbo function. Pulse III Duo, for couples, boasts all the features found in Pulse III Solo, but additionally features independently controllable vibrations for her via a remote control. The turbo function allows users to jump to max power from any starting point, while an improved second motor for enhanced female stimulation in Pulse III Duo is 25% more powerful.
For more information, visit hotoctopuss.com.

Luxury sex toys:


toys oct2016 What makes them “worth it”?

Sex educator, author and Komar executive Ducky Doolittle examines the 10 criteria for what makes an adult product a “luxury” product. And sometimes, as she notes, it’s not necessarily about the price point.

Sexuality has always been a breeding ground for creativity and technology. The first steam-powered vibrator was built in 1734, quickly moving us out of the age of sex toys made of stone, wood and leather.

Preparing for Pride:


sf april2016 Page 00A STOREROTICA Special Focus on the must-have products for Pride month

While STOREROTICA has featured a “Pride” focus in the past two June issues (2014 and 2015) to coincide with Pride month, we elected to move our Pride focus up to April which, we hope, will better allow store owners to utilize this information to “prepare” for Pride month. What toys and products are on your “must-have” list for Pride season in 2016? We polled the industry’s vendors to find out what their newest and best-selling Pride products are, and we’ve incldued over 10 pages of photos and information to give retailers a head start on their Pride month merchandising.

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