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In each issue we take an in depth look at some of the many facets of the Erotic Product Industry. We explore possibilities for products, popular techniques and the latest trends for Retailers and Vendors.

On the scene... like a sex machine!


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.37.29 AMOn the
like a sex machine!

Ready or not, the future is now. Though “sex robots” aren’t quite a thing yet, the technology is getting closer to reality. In this Special Focus, we are highlighting the cutting-edge technology as it relates to “sex machines,” while also examining the target audience for these modern products.


Pipedream ProductsScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.59.51 AM

Our best-selling “sex machine” is the Fetish Fantasy Series International Couples Sex Machine. When it comes to people buying sex machines, we think they skew toward more experienced. Some shoppers are a bit intimidated by products with the title “sex machine” but they really have nothing to worry about. Pipedream Products has multiple sex machines tailored to all levels of users and preferences.
Perfect for novices, our brand new Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her is a handheld sex machine designed just for her, is the perfect partner for women and is always ready to grant all her wishes.
The Fetish Fantasy Series The Bigger Bang Thrusting and Rotating Sex Machine has separate controls for thrusting and rotation that can operate independently or simultaneously, so every user is in total control of the action. No other sex machine on the market features hundreds of pleasure combinations at your fingertips. The Bigger Bang is perfect for someone who is ready for a more adventurous sex machine experience.
For couples, the Fetish Fantasy International Couples Sex Machine is a travel-friendly sex machine that can operate on any electric current in the world. It’s designed to pleasure couples together or separately, making it the perfect companion toy for couple’s who are looking to bring more pleasure and excitement to their sex play.
In terms of merchandising sex machines, a video is always a great option for highlighting all of the available features.
Information courtesy of Kristian Broms, Pipedream’s VP of Design.
To find out more, visit Pipedreamproducts.com.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.00.04 PMThe Thruster by Velvet Co

Until The Thruster’s release, the only devices with comparable power were heavy floor-standing models or attachments for power tools. But Velvet Cock’s advanced handheld sex machine toy comes from a rich history of machines that aid in genital stimulation or emulate the experience of a good fucking.
While machines don’t quite replace the intimacy of a sexual relationship with another human being, there are various benefits to having the option of sex experiences with a machine. It’s always there when you need it and it can also provide a more intense experience for individuals or couples seeking a rougher, kinkier time.
For a realistic fucking experience, thrusting sex machine toys are your best bet. Velvet Cock was founded to create a more practical variety of these toys for those who want a good time without the burden of having a bench-sized toy in their home. From the classic dildo-style Jackie to the anal-loving Walter, these suave Thrusters combine powerful thrust and vibration with a convenient handheld size to give them the orgasm of their dreams. Whether by themselves or with a partner, customers will love trying sex with this machine.
Here at Velvet Co, we appreciate new toys that raise the bar on what sex machines can be. With the experience of our founders in the field of aerospace engineering, new designs are always great to see. The machine sex toy industry is definitely a fun one to watch!  
Information courtesy of Alex Fima, Velvet Co’s General Manager. To find out more, visit thethruster.com.

Topco SalesScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.00.17 PM

Our best-selling “sex machine” would be a tie between the CyberSkin Twerking Butt Deluxe and the Climax Elite CyberSkin Jackhammer Pussy & Ass. The Twerking Butt was the industry’s first automated sex machine to offer more than simply a back-and-forth stroke motion and successfully emulated the shake and wobble of a twerking motion. The Jackhammer, released in the fall, took the mechanical motion up a few levels to provide not only stroking and vibration, but also tugging and squeezing to beautifully mimic the realistic look and feel of a vagina.
There are so many ways a sex machine can provide pleasure and they really appeal to a user’s desire rather than their experience level, and there’s always an economic factor at play, too. Some sex machines simply are more affordable than others, so regardless of lifestyle, a shopper is going to select the machine they can most afford! A less-experienced user might purchase a more entry-level machine, like an automated stroker, and then level-up to something like the Jackhammer or Twerking Butt once they know what they like (and can afford).
In terms of merchandising sex machines, what really sells a sex machine is showing its feel and function in person; showing a tester unit is, of course, ideal, but not always realistic. So displaying a screen that loops a product demo video can be a great way to supplement what a sales person might tell the shopper. Machines like these aren’t conventional sex toys and require a lot more storage and display space, as well as more training for the sales team, so it’s important to utilize as many materials as possible to do the talking in case a staff member isn’t available or well-versed enough to help make the sale.
Information courtesy of Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan.
To find out more, visit topcosales.com.

XR BrandsScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.00.35 PM

Our best-selling sex machine is the Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine from our Love Botz line. This machine is great for both couples, or solo use. The different-sized cylinders allow for more focused pleasure. We recently released a newer version of this item called the Super Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine. The Super version comes ready for couples use, now including four cylinders; two full-size smooth sleeve cylinders, one-nubbed sleeve cylinder and one short sleeve cylinder.
As far as the target consumer, for actual machines and not handheld strokers and other items that are similar, it tends to skew toward the more experienced users. Sex machines can be intimidating to a lot of people, especially when they have never seen or heard of one before. Sex machine customers are typically looking for the next level of experimentation or fun in the bedroom.
To best display a sex machine, one of things we recommend is to display a machine out of the box, plugged in and ready to demo. This allows customers to really see what they are getting into, and they can test it out to see if it is something they are ready to introduce into their sexual routine.
Information courtesy of XR Brand’s Marketing and Sales Administrator, Robert Fuller. To find out more, visit xrbrands.com.


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