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webITBIt’s amazing what a paradigm shift can do. Susan Schibler may not have started It’s the Bomb if it wasn’t for her granddaughter introducing her to bath bombs in Schibler’s condo.
“For two days, the condo smelled fabulous,” says Schibler. “As webITB2a designer, I thought not only could they be used in a bathtub, but they could be displayed in beautiful vessels throughout the bathroom and boudoir where their scent would permeate throughout.”
She went shopping to get a dozen, but was surprised how expensive they were. She realized she could procure a large quantity that was better and less expensive.
Lying in her tub, enjoying a bomb, Schibler reflected, “How cool would it be to name the company ‘It’s the Bomb.’ To seal the deal, I then acquired the domain name.”
Fast forward just two years, and Schibler has enlisted the help of acclaimed adult film director and writer, Michael Ninn, as part of a redesign of thatwebITB3 very domain.webITB4
“Our website has always been our weakest link, but not anymore,” says Schibler. “We met (Michael) at an industry event. He is a very good friend. His collaboration with It’s the Bomb has been very helpful. He’s amazing, a wizard.”
Part of the cyber makeover is a shift It’s the Bomb is making to expand the brand into all aspects of a sensual lifestyle. Besides It’s the Bomb’s erotic bath and body line, the brand has three new lines being rolled out this year set to infiltrate the sensual lifestyle in the craziest of ways.
“We have taken our own ‘stroker’ soap molds, turned them into acrylic and created ‘Chalk Cocks,’ ‘Pet Cock Willy,’ webITB5and ‘Dick Trophies,’” says Schibler.
The Chalk Cock comes with chalk markers set for any occasion—guests webITB6can tag it with their “special” art to mark their night. If it’s a group soiree, Chalk Cock lends itself to a painting party.
“It’s kind of like your traditional pottery painting parties,” says Schibler. “Add some cocktails, it’ll get hysterical.”
The Dick Trophies have six stylish sayings to go with the trophy, including “world’s biggest prick.”
And lest we forget “Pet Cock’ Willy,” which has its own Instagram and Twitter.
“He travels the world with his new owners, who then post their shenanigans and pictures on his page with him,” says Schibler. “Pet Cock Willy will then comment in his webITB8funny, sarcastic way.”
In fact, Pet Cock Willy has been such a hit he was nominated for an XBIZ award this year.
Willy isn’t alone in his adulation.It’s the webITB10Bomb has been nominated for nine industry awards in two years. Undoubtedly part of the brand’s recognition stems from the fact that all the products are handmade.
“We recently remodeled a run-down manufacturing facility and showroom in Arizona,” Schibler says. “We are affectionately calling it ‘The Soap House Compound.’ It’s there that we create our one-of-a-kind sensual product line. All of our molds are original and created by us. The soap girls involved make sure the product is perfect before it goes out. First impression is the only impression.”
It’s not lost on Schibler that her way is not necessarily the most cost-efficient method.
“We do deal with a labor-intensive product,” she says. “However, we are made in America and will not sacrifice our quality at the cost of a little more money. In the long run, we will maintain an awesome product, reputation, and the respect of our customers and peers.”
What’s more, at the time of this article’s writing, It’s the Bomb has not only rejected cost-cutting manufacturing, it’s also bypassed distributors, opting to go direct to retailers.
“We can help stores save money by going direct,” Schibler says. “Also, we like the quality control.”
But even Schibler recognizes the logistical reality of success, saying, “In the future, we will entertain a few high-end distributors for certain products.”
No matter the route It’s the Bomb ends up taking as it continues to climb the ladder of success, it’s clear that in two-plus years, the company has established a proven recipe.
“We’re whimsical, we smell amazing and we’re visually exciting.” Schibler says. “We’ve touched on something that is completely new to the adult industry so we do stand out.”

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