Inspire My October Takes Its Place In The Adult Industry

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inspireEvery October, there is an explosion of pink ribbons as the nation honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created in 1985 as a collaborative effort between the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, CancerCare, Inc., and various sponsors. Today it has grown to include a partnership of national public service organizations, government agencies, and professional medical associations that work together to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Historically, the adult industry, brick & mortar retailers in particular, are not encouraged to embrace any type of public support or charitable giving on the retail floor, even related to boobs! This lack of confidence, or rather, acceptance of the adult industry as bona fide charitable donors with the ability to reach large markets has been an unfortunate miss by the mainstream marketplace. The association between adult products and supporting a non-profit organization is like apples and oranges; if anything; mainstream nonprofits preferred a large, empty distance between themselves and the adult industry.

Until now. Because, for the first time ever, the mainstreaming of adult manufacturing includes designs with 100% sexual health & wellness intent. Why? Because sexual health & wellness matters. Fifty two percent of all adult brick & mortar customers are women and breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early when it’s easier to treat. (

inp-1Breast cancer impacts all women. And, it impacts our quality of life. It has an effect on our overall health and wellness and directly contributes to self-image and confidence. It helps to shape how we view and enjoy intimacy, affecting our relationships and families. In short, women’s sexual health impacts every part of a woman’s life. It’s inextricably linked to our well-being in every way. Despite this, most healthcare providers receive very little training when it comes to sexuality, and even less in the area of female sexual health. So where do they go seeking information and advice? The adult retailer.

We’ve all seen sex toys, lubes and lotions creep onto mainstream e-commerce websites over the past decade. It’s common for online shoppers to get a little titter of excitement and a nervous giggle escapes when they scroll through the product description. But, adult products like lubes, vibrators and cock rings have never been given any mainstream cred other than allowing for orgasm or instant gratification, until now.

inp2Manufacturing adult products is a 15 billion dollar industry (and growing) with an average of 22,000 products circulating on adult store shelves. And, as the marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co., one of the largest adult distributors in the US, Erin Viereck gets to view them all. “In recent years, terms like “health and wellness” and “all-natural ingredients” have been used more and more in connection with sex toys,” says Viereck. “Sexual wellness is increasingly recognized as an important part of a person’s overall health — and that is absolutely reflected in the sex toy market.” In fact, at the retail chain Fascinations headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., buyer Keri Birchby says the company is focusing on the growth of their health and wellness categories. That includes active wear, supplements and the most up-to-date products for improving sexual health. (, 2015)

So if adult retailers are growing their sexual health and wellness real estate on the retail floor, are mainstream health and wellness nonprofits growing their acceptance of partnering with the adult industry? They are now.

In 1991, a small group of women living in Philadelphia led by Dr. Marisa Weiss sought out information designed to help them after completing primary treatment for breast cancer only to realize that existing resources were either inadequate or not available at all. To address this, they created a place where women in similar situations could connect with each other to share accurate and easy-to-understand information in a supportive and caring environment. Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) was founded.

Since then, LBBC experienced tremendous growth with a reach that now extends far beyond "The City of Brotherly Love" and into every state of the country while connecting over 500,000 people a year to trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.

LBBC recognized the disconnect between the effects of breast cancer treatment on a woman’s intimate relationships and the treasure trove of information the adult industry has on improving one’s intimacy. According to LBBC CEO Jean Sachs, “Various types of breast cancer treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy) can affect a woman’s sexual wellness.
Many factors can come together to reduce sexual desire, including fatigue, menopausal symptoms, pain during sexual activity, decreased ability to achieve arousal and lubrication and breast cancer itself.” LBBC was approached by CalExotics, the largest woman-owned global manufacturer of adult products that led to the creation of the Inspire line of products.

The Inspire collection has nine styles — two Kegel exercisers, two wands, two arousers, a dilator kit, a panty teaser and breast massager. All Inspire products are waterproof and made of premium silicone that is body safe, unscented and phthalate-free. The powered items in Inspire feature 10 functions of vibration and are USB rechargeable. Each product offers unique benefits to women in the form of sexual health and sexual satisfaction. Sexual health is a large component of women’s overall health and is vital for overall well-being. Inspire products are designed to help improve vaginal strength, decrease physical discomfort during intercourse, help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase sexual stimulation and frequency of orgasms.

“As a distributor, we watch the trends, review the products and listen to the back stories to determine the best placement, best marketing strategy and best fit for the adult retailer,” says Viereck. “The newly created partnership between CalExotics and LBBC combined with the growing sexual health & wellness trend in both mainstream and adult manufacturing has the makings of an industry game changer. That’s how we came up with Inspire My October - the first-ever opportunity for the adult industry to publicly support a mainstream non-profit organization that embraces the adult retail community.”

Williams Trading Company is taking the lead promoting this new adult/mainstream partnership with the creation of Inspire My October - an opportunity for the adult retailer to proudly participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Full support from August to October is available to help adult retailers take advantage of this selling opportunity while supporting a great cause.

During the month of August, only Williams Trading has the exclusive release of two new Inspire items, the Gyrating Wand and the Vibrating Tulip Wand. The Gyrating Wand offers soothing massage that is a gateway to advanced pleasure exploration and plays a critical role in stress relief and relaxation. The Vibrating Tulip Wand may promote vaginal health by increasing blood flow and sexual stimulation. Its flexing and bending design is perfect for intimate exploration, plus, the bulbous tip is designed for beginner Kegel exercise.

In September, Williams Trading Co is hosting an Inspire My October in store merchandising contest. Retailers are encouraged to send in pictures of their Breast Cancer Awareness support using all the tools provided to them. The winning store will receive a gift basket of Cal Exotics products for all store employees.
“We want our adult retailers to go full-on pink during October so we’ve provided the tools and material they’ll need to be successful,” says Viereck. “When retailers load up on the Inspire line, they can receive free LBBC T-Shirts for staff, LBBC swag and educational material relating to breast cancer support and sexual health. And, CalExotics is offering free pink bullets as an Inspire gift with purchase.”
Also in September, Williams Trading University (WTU), Williams Trading’s award-winning e-Learning program is releasing a free training module on the entire Inspire line of products. Retailers can learn how to talk about each feature and function that is intended to improve a woman's sexual health and wellness. “This free online course will give our retailers the correct information to have important conversations on the retail floor that increase their sales.” says Viereck.
“Any retailer who participates in Inspire My October is invited to submit their photos and inspirational stories to Living Beyond Breast Cancer,” says Christina Meehan, development projects coordinator at Living Beyond Breast Cancer.
“During the month of October, Williams Trading is preparing an Inspire My October promotional blitz,” says Scott Dantis, director of sales & marketing. “Our sales team will collect photos and stories to share with all of you. Our website, will turn pink for that month and we encourage our adult industry partners to do the same.”

“Cal Exotics donates a portion of the net profit generated from Inspire sales,” says Josh LeDuff, CalExotics marketing director. “The more retailers who participate, the more support we can give our friends and family affected by breast cancer. This is such a win-win for our industry and for the nonprofit sector.”

To participate in Inspire My October; contact your Williams sales representative at 800-423-8587 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To learn about the Inspire line of products, visit


Entrenue Secures Exclusive U.S. Distro Deal for ‘kGoal’ Kegel Device by Minna Life

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-5Entrenue has secured exclusive U.S. distribution of the world-renowned kGoal, a revolutionary pelvic floor exerciser made by the engineering team at Minna Life. The crowdfunded kegel exerciser synchs with iOS and Android to provide real-time feedback as users flex and follow fitness programs designed to strengthen their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, and Entrenue is the only U.S. distributor with it in stock.

A pioneering high-tech sex toy, the kGoal was one of the first on the market promising to promote pelvic floor fitness with support from an app-connected interactive training system. The smooth, bulbous device is equipped with strategically placed sensors that, when kGoal is inserted into the vagina, measure the force of users’ PC muscle contractions. kGoal then sends that information directly to its app and allows users to watch and follow their progress in real time – valuable biofeedback to track movement and improvement.

“Minna Life has been a mainstay brand in our catalog for years and we’ve been fielding eager demand for kGoal since its debut more than a year ago,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “We’re pleased to finally offer our customers direct access to this revolutionary kegel exerciser and support pelvic floor fitness with a high-tech twist and some fun apps.”

The Minna Life team initially introduced the concept via a Kickstarter program and successfully exceeded their funding goal by 30%, which proved that demand for this kind of kegel exerciser was far higher than anyone had anticipated. Fans liken the device to a Fitbit for the pelvic floor and have raved about kGoal’s unique approach to such an important – and often overlooked – part of female intimate health.

kGoal is made of Class VI medical-grade silicone to ensure the utmost body-safety and packaged in a clean, modern cylindrical box for shelf-appeal with a small footprint.

To place an order, please call (800) 368-7268, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


Perfect Fit Brand at 2016 Folsom Street Fair & Magnitude This Weekend

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Buck AngelPerfect Fit Brand ( announces it will be at Folsom Street Fair® and the 20th annual Magnitude® this weekend, as the premier adult toy sponsor for Folsom Street Events (

“We are thrilled to be a sponsor of Folsom Street Events, supporting both San Francisco-based and national charities,” says Steve Callow, Perfect Fit Brand President and CEO. “The event is, of course, legendary, and we love connecting with our customers directly! We won’t be selling anything – instead, we’ll be giving things away. It’s our way of supporting our LGBTQ community, and saying thank you to our fans and customers.”

The Florida-based men’s sexual health and pleasure products company will have exhibitor booths set up at Folsom Street Fair® ( and Magnitude® ( and To view the schedule of events, visit; to purchase any and all tickets, visit any of the individual event links at  

Nominated for 44 industry awards to date, including LGBT Company of the Year, Perfect Fit Brand won the 2016 XBIZ Award for “Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year.” The company has a long-standing history for innovation in the men’s health and pleasure products market for the LGBT community – its Jock Armour hybrid jock strap / cock ring won the 2015 XBIZ Award for "Gay Sex Toy of the Year,” and has also helmed the inventions of some of the most popular pleasure products for the adult gay market, such as the Hump Gear / Raw Dawg lines of products, the Tunnel Plug, and ergoflo anal douches.

Adds Callow, “We will be giving away products at all market events, including our custom-logoed SilaSkin Folsom Street Events 2016 Collector Cock Ring. We will also have some very sexy models at our large booth – and of course, we are honored to have Buck Angel with us, representing his now-famous Buck-Off™!”

Perfect Fit Brand will also be sponsoring appearances at Folsom by adult entertainment icon and LGBTQ / human rights activist Buck Angel (, with whom the company recently entered a collaborative agreement. Angel will appear at events to meet with fans and showcase the world’s first pleasure product specifically geared for the FTM market, Buck-Off™ (, which started shipping last week.

“What an honor it is for me to be at Folsom this year, with my new pleasure product and Perfect Fit,” says Angel. “Steve Callow has been nothing but amazing to me and my vision to get a sexual product on the market. It has been a fight to have anyone recognize us as a valid market. So to finally see my vision come alive, and at one of the most famous places that celebrates sexual diversity, Folsom Street, is like a dream come true. Becoming sexually comfortable with my body was everything for me, and my transition, and I believe this product will help others feel comfortable to explore their newly found bodies. This is only the beginning of great things to come.” 

Founded in 2011 and establishing itself as a driving force in the adult novelty industry, Perfect Fit Brand designs and manufactures unique, cutting-edge products, offering groundbreaking innovations for the sexual health of men, women, and couples. Nominated for 44 industry awards to date and the recipient of a 2016 Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year award,an important aspect of Perfect Fit Brand’s philosophy and ultimate success is to ensure its customers are educated in the proper use of their unique products. With a comprehensive website offering information on products which may not be available at retail locations, the company offers video demonstrations, articles, and detailed product information.

For more information, visit The company may also be followed on Twitter at, on Facebook at, on YouTube at, and on Tumblr at


Screaming O Debuts Mega-sized ‘Vooom Vibe’ With Deep, Rumbling Motor

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-6Screaming O is officially shipping the Vooom Vibe, a two-sided mega-sized massager powered by the now famous Vooom rumbling motor. This low-pitched power source provides an intensely penetrating vibration unlike anything else on the market and is encased in a 100% body-safe ABS plastic shell built with two stimulation options: a firm “fin” or a smooth surface.

Inside the Vooom Vibe’s colorful case sits a unique lower-frequency motor that rumbles at 4 speeds that penetrate, rather than buzz, for a more satisfying experience. This power, combined with its streamlined shape, sweeps users off their feet with two pleasure options to enjoy: On one side features a seamless surface perfect for smooth vibes or all-over massage, and on the other sits a unique extended “fin” that can be rubbed, flicked or swept across sensitive areas for more intense stimulation. And for effortless operation, the Vooom Vibe features a large, easy-access push-button control.

“Vooom Vibe rumbles like our best-selling Vooom Bullet but in a MUCH bigger shape that gives users two pleasure options, which customers have been raving about,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “The Vooom Vibe’s bigger size offers more surface area to play with and fits comfortably in the hand, especially when using it to add vibration to pretty much any sex position. Plus, the low-pitch motor technology feels so different, even just against your palm – it’s an element that really must be seen (and felt) to be believed. I can’t recommend the Vooom Vibe enough.”

The Vooom Vibe is made of lab-tested, 100% body-safe ABS plastic with water-resistant construction and comes in Strawberry, Grape, Kiwi and Black.

For more information, please contact Aumann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information about The Screaming O’s top selling vibrating rings, mini vibes, bullets and more, please visit


CalExotics Announces Fall Offering

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SE-4609-20-3 2CalExotics releases its most innovative technology with its fall 2016 offering. Embrace features superior pleasure ball technology and Luxe features exciting and innovative touch sensitive pleasure control. These items combine quality, performance, and high-tech features to deliver a truly unique experience.

Susan Colvin, Founder, and CEO of CalExotics says, “CalExotics prides itself on bringing innovation to the market, this is evident from our early days when we introduced our first solar powered and rechargeable products. We put innovation first, and are extremely proud of our newest technology.”

Within Embrace, CalExotics now offers its two most popular styles in bold new colors. The Massaging Rabbit is available in purple, while the Massaging G-Rabbit is available in pink. Both styles boast the innovative rolling pleasure ball technology, which produces a rhythmic massaging action in the shaft or stimulator. This unique motion gives these rabbit-style stimulators a leg up on the competition, plus the technology used within these products does not jam, making them even more noteworthy.

From Luxe, CalExotics adds to its color pallet, introducing ivory and brown styles. Jackie White, Executive Vice President of CalExotics, says, “Luxe is at the top of our sales charts, selling out numerous times. We added the two new colors to enhance the collection, giving buyers and consumers more variety.” Luxe features a touch-sensitive technology. The deeper you stroke, the stronger the vibration, giving the user complete and total control over their pleasure. CalExotics has offered touch-sensitive products for years; Luxe is the next generation and is proving to be a success.

To enhance the user experience at the retail level, CalExotics provides point of purchase displays that are free with qualifying purchase. “This technology is impressive and to help close the sale we’ve created displays to give consumers the chance to touch and feel the products before they buy. From our experience this type of interaction increases sales,” says White.

To reserve your free point of purchase displays or other merchandising collateral, contact CalExotics. For information on Embrace and Luxe, visit


Lovehoney celebrates publishing its 150,000th customer review

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LoveHoney-Student-DiscountLovehoney is celebrating after publishing its 150,000th customer sex toy review.

The UK's biggest online adult retailer has built up the world's biggest database of sex product reviews.

The 150,000th review was was written by a forum member who writes under the name FunLady. She is a 45-year-old grandmother who loves trying new sex toys with her husband and gave Lovehoney’s Deluxe Magic Wand a five-star rating, saying it ‘really is magic.’

She wrote: “I knew from the minute I felt the weight of the wand and its smooth exterior that it was going to be good. This is without a doubt currently my most favourite toy.”

FunLady, who wins 50,000 customer loyalty points allowing her to buy £100 of free Lovehoney product, has started experimenting with new toys after being left home alone with her hubby after their three children grew up and left home.

She said: “Yes, nannas want a good sex life too - in fact life has only just begun.

“Now we have an empty house my hubby and I have never been so adventurous! We are gradually getting every toy we can so we can play as much as possible.

“Winning for writing a review about a toy that is amazing has made my day.”

Lovehoney draws on the experiences of 166,000 community members like FunLady who share their honest views of toys on its website.

Top reviews are selected each month to win points which can be spent on-site.

Lovehoney features almost 3,000 new reviews each month - 66% of which are written by women.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: "We are very proud of having compiled the world’s biggest database of sex toy reviews.

“The bottom line is, if a product has a low rating, we won’t sell it. In this industry, customers like to know that someone else has tried a toy and, most importantly, liked it.

“What is great at Lovehoney is that we have 166,000 reviewers who love sharing their views on our products - that is enough people to fill Wembley Stadium twice.

“That is a huge community of couples and single people whose sex lives have been transformed by the use of toys, bondage items and lingerie and want to share their experiences with other fans.

“They soon tell us when a toy isn’t up to scratch, in which case we act quickly to remove it.

“Equally, they are super-quick to pick up on a new toy which can revolutionise the whole market and become a bestseller off the back of positive reviews.

“It is the best type of product feedback anyone could have.”

Lovehoney collaborated with  journalist Jon Millward, who specialises in data analysis around sex trends, to compile some crazy stats to mark the 150,000th review:

* If you built a tower with all the dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that Lovehoney sell in a year, it would be 95 miles high (153 kilometres) - the same height as 510 Eiffel Towers;

* Lovehoney sells enough lubricant in a year to fill 268 bathtubs (26,800 litres);

* 120,000 penis rings are sold in a year - if these were combined into one giant ring, it would be 1.4 miles across - big enough to encircle the Empire State Building 20 times;

* All the batteries sold in a year have the potential to aid 3 million orgasms or power a vibrator for 28 years;

The first review was published on October 3 2005 and it was written by Zoe Margolis, who later found fame as the author of the sex blog,Girl With A One-Track Mind, which was turned into a highly successful book.

Writing as 'The Girl', she gave five stars to theRock Chick G-Spot Vibrator, saying: "This toy is the real McCoy; nothing I have ever used comes close to it."

A Lovehoney survey revealed that 88% of people read reviews in order to determine the quality of a product.

Since Lovehoney’s first review 11 years ago, the most heavily reviewed toy has been the Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug with a staggering 1,207 reviews, closely followed by the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator (986) and Lovehoney Silver Jiggle Balls (969).


Five facts about Lovehoney's sex toy reviews from Down The Rabbit Hole, Jon Millward's statistical breakdown of 1 million Lovehoney sales


1 66% of reviews are written by women.

2 Average review word count: women 110 words, men 100.

3 Women use 40% more exclamation marks than men.

4 Women use the word love 65% more than men

5 Men reference their partners in reviews 90% more than women reference theirs.



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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAlJAAAAJGZmYjBkOGNiLWVlZTYtNDk5OS05N2VhLTIzNDgzOGY5Njg2NAEast Coast News has announced they have partnered with Kama Sutra to exclusively offer their new collection of personal massagers, termed RHYTHM.

For the past 47 years, The Kama Sutra Company has enhanced the lives of millions of couples worldwide with its high quality, luxurious body products. As always, with a strong dedication to detail and quality, RHYTHM proves to follow suit. With 5 beautifully designed pleasure instruments making up the RHYTHM debut, retailers will be pleased to see the high end display and packaging that showcases them.

Our partnership with Kama Sutra goes way back,” said Justin Vickers, Retail Coordinator for East Coast News. “It is only fitting that they have applied their expertise to the personal massager market. Our customers are going to be blown away by the quality of these items, and we expect them to be a big hit at next months IVD|ECN Fall Show in Vermont!

The RHYTHM collection is currently available for pre-order only through East Coast News. ECN is carrying all five styles, which can be purchased individually. Customers can also purchase a prepack that includes a display with four deep of each style and one tester for each style.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to RHTYHM by Kama Sutra, our new line of personal massagers,said Nick Nugwynne, Operations Manager for Kama Sutra. After decades of producing high quality, sensual body care products, Kama Sutra is excited to be entering a new market. We are ecstatic about the commitment East Coast News made in helping us take this new line to market. With three well positioned locations across the United States, ECN is the perfect partner to help launch RHYTHM and we are excited to finally get the line into the hands of customers. ECN has been a long time partner of Kama Sutra’s for many years and I am glad to continue to strengthen and grow our partnership with the exclusive launch of RHTYHM by Kama Sutra.”

East Coast News, one of the largest distributors of adult toys, novelties and accessories, now boasts over 30,000 products from more than 150 of the industry’s best manufacturers. With warehouses strategically located in New Jersey, Florida, and California, shipping times are minimized and efficiency is maximized for all customers, regardless of location.


For more information on East Coast News, visit, call 800-999-2483, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also follow on Twitter at @eastcoastnews.


Topco Sales Introduces 100% Silicone Anal Designs to Top-selling ‘Climax’ Brand

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Cliamx Anal - Tush TeaserTopco Sales has expanded its top-selling Climax collection with new Climax Anal, a series of 100% silicone anal plugs made for beginner and intermediate play and a value-priced all-in-one anal training kit. These colorful anal toys are a vibrant addition to the dependable Climax brand and give customers an affordable series of shapes that make for easy, comfortable and body-safe introductions to anal play.

An industry mainstay since 2006, the Climax brand has been one of Topco Sales’ most reliable and best-performing sex toy collections, now fortified by Climax Anal packaged in colorful and cohesive designs. Applauded for its clean, simple packaging and bold color palette, Climax Anal features a series of anal plugs made for optimal pleasure:

Tush Teasers are 100% silicone slender plugs available in three sizes with a slight bulb at their tips and a flared angle at the base for a gentle full feeling, and Rapture offers three sizes of stocky 100% silicone plugs with thick angled tips for prostate pressure. New 100% silicone Climax Anal Beads provide users with a unique, hygienic alternative to traditional beads with a flexible silicone ribbon equipped with an easy pull ring and accented with two sensation-enhancing options: swirly knobs or ridged bulbs.

“Our customers have loved Climax since its inception and they were thrilled to learn that we brought anal toys to the line,” Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “These new anal plugs are affordable, functional and made of 100% silicone, which gives retailers quality options at price points that are more accessible to more shoppers. And with bold colors and bright packaging to match, Climax Anal is already slated to be a fan favorite.”

Also in the line is the 3-piece Booty Bumpers kit, a set of three graduated anal insertables made of TPE and fitted with flared bases for harness compatibility. Unlike traditional plugs, Booty Bumpers are thick, cylindrical and feature longer shafts for a deeper, fuller sensation.

“Booty Bumpers have been steady performers in the past, so we created an all-in-one training kit to give shoppers convenient selection at a value price,” O’Bryan said. “These kinds of kits are best sellers, and Booty Bumpers’ unique cylindrical shapes allow them to be enjoyed in a more ways than one. Variety and value are key for consumers and Climax Anal was created to provide exactly that.”

For more information about Climax Anal and the rest of Topco Sales’ new releases, contact your preferred representative or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To learn more about Topco Sales’ products, marketing tools and product videos, please visit


pjur visits Scala and Eropartner in the Netherlands

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Stefan Daniel at Scala in-house exhibitionThe Scala in-house exhibition was a complete success for pjur. As always, Key Account Manager Stefan Daniel was on site to promote the three new products – pjur MAN XTEND Cream, pjur MAN STEEL Gel and pjur superhero STRONG performance spray – as well as the new counter displays.  The displays that pjur had brought along to the exhibition all sold out on the very first day. There were three presentations each day at the pjur booth, in which Stefan Daniel highlighted the key points about the new products.
1,000 bottles of pjur Original 10 ml were given away with the Scala goody bags and were so well received that there wasn't enough for all the visitors, so Scala ordered an additional 400 bottles and sent them on to customers who had already expressed an interest at the exhibition.

Straight after this, Stefan Daniel traveled to Eropartner to deliver an in-depth pjur presentation to the wholesale partner. In addition to the pjur philosophy, all the top sellers from the six pjur product categories were described again in detail. All four sales managers with international responsibilities were present, as well as the purchasing and sales management and the executive board.
A round of questions then followed, which was met with enthusiasm. "The visits to Scala and Eropartner were very successful for us. The presentations are an important way to clear up any questions or queries that customers and retailers may have and to show sellers where the USPs of the products lie," says Stefan Daniel.

Then came a guided tour of the new Eropartner warehouse. The key account customer has the entire pjur range and a total of over 3,000 different products. The warehouse facility offers expansion potential of approx. 1,000 m2.

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