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maxshaveMax 4 Men grooming products—with an “adult” twist—from Classic Erotica  

While there are thousands upon thousands of facial care, body care and intimate grooming products for women, does that mean that the fairer sex has the market cornered?  Don’t men deserve to have grooming products designed specifically for them?  Thanks to Classic Erotica, the newest line of men’s grooming products—with a decidedly “adult” twist—has been introduced to the erotic retail industry.
That line, Max 4 Men, is a collection of male grooming care products that are infused with pheromones and high-quality ingredients. Each product in the line was carefully tested and researched to provide a premium product.
The collection includes: MAX Shave Total Body Rash-Free Shave Crème (available in two fragrances, Bamboo & Fresh); MAX Shave Balls N All Rash-Free Shave Crème (Unscented); MAX Protect Balls N All Moisture Control Balm (Unscented); MAX Attract Sex Attractant Cologne (Hypnotic scent); MAX Head Oral Sex Gels (available in three flavors: Berry Orgasmic, Sugar Daddy and Mintastic); MAX Satisfaction Rub One Out Masturbation Cream; and MAX Control Prolong Gel & MAX Control Prolong Spray
For more information, please call (818) 773-4211 or toll free at (800) 497-7749.

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