Enter the FUNZONE!

Written by Kevin P. Posted in Warehouse

funzoneecnECN enters the Funzone

East Coast News wants to welcome retailers to the “Funzone.”  This playful line of vibes and toys was introduced in early January at ECN’s California offices, and it’s been receiving big attention ever since.
The Funzone line includes 11 themed collections, including Animal Delight, AVStar, Blossom, Buddy Bands, Cheeky Pets, Cherry On Top, Fantasies, Jog, Power Bowl, World Kick and X-Line. From animal-shaped vibes to realistic masturbators fashioned after Japanese adult performers, each piece offers superior quality, functionality and value.
Based on the line’s playful forms, marketing for the launch efforts has featured themes that accentuate fun, such as carnival rides, bright colors and the whimsical tag line, “It’s Time to Play.” Because the Funzone line is designed to stand out from the crowd, retailers will have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to displaying it.
East Coast News will distribute the entire Funzone line.  Interested retailers are urged to contact their ECN account representative or visit for more details.

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