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wand-essentialsSensual relaxation—and much more—from Wand Essentials’ line of personal massage products

Massage has long been used to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and accompany physical rehabilitation. While massage is soothing both physically and mentally, and a healthy way to alleviate stress, it can also be an incredible way to arouse a partner.
The Wand Essentials massager and accessories help take erotic massage to the next level of pleasure by making it easy for one to massage themselves or their partner, and to experience the titillating sensations exactly how they want. From a light, teasing touch to penetrating deep-tissue massage, the Wand is able to deliver many kinds of stimulation for total-body relaxation, amazing foreplay or mind-blowing climaxes.
Many of the latest Wand Essentials massagers come with eight speeds, eight different mode patterns and an extremely powerful Turbo button. When the Turbo button is pressed, it instantly amplifies the power upon command, allowing the user to control their own mode and vibration patterns.
The pliable massage head is attached to a flexible neck that bends as the user applies pressure. Lightweight and quiet, this Wand Massager delivers stimulating vibrations just the way the user wants them. Once the wand is charged, it is cordless and ready to please anywhere their fantasies take them (a 220-volt power cord for customers outside the U.S. is available).
Whether your customers enjoy the traditional Wand Massager and its many attachments, or their accessory of choice is the Love Seat for the ultimate hands-free pleasure, Wand Essentials has the products they need to unwind and relax, and to arouse and stimulate.
For more information, please call (714) 907-1035, visit and be sure to see the Sex Toy Distributing brochure that accompanies this issue.


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