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bzzzbuddiesNew BzzzBuddies displays available for free to retailers 

TME Products is offering new BzzzBuddies POP displays to retailers at no charge. Each display holds two BzzzBuddies personal massagers, emphasizing the fun and playful nature of the Anime-inspired characters. The displays stand independently on counter tops or hang from a grid or slat wall.

Recently declared a “Top Ten Sex Toy of 2010” by Gawker Media’s, BzzzBuddies are a hot commodity.  Zoey Glass of TME Products, says, “Word about BzzzBuddies is spreading rapidly with each new praise-filled write-up, and people are coming to stores specifically for the personal massagers. The POP displays allow retailers to position BzzzBuddies directly in front of customers, where they will quickly become (an) impulse buy.”
For more information on the BzzzBuddies, Call Zoey Glass @ (800) 748-6767 x 212.

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