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contentix-bigPut piracy information to use with ContentX Technologies’ CTX Suite

ContentX Technologies, a new Internet intelligence, security and monetization company, has unveiled CTX Suite, a unique tool that provides unparalleled information to adult film producers about infringers who pirate their content.

CTX Suite displays detailed information about illegal downloading in real-time format from the initial contact.  It gives precise intelligence about the title that is being streamed and the identity of the infringer, down to the geographic area where the infringement occurred.  The dashboard is a key part of the “friendly” new ContentX solution that identifies individuals who download adult content illegally, and then helps convert them to paying customers.
“There has never been anything close to the CTX Suite portal in its ability to provide useful information to the producers and owners of adult entertainment products,” says, Cort St. George, Director of Business Development for ContentX Technologies.  “By using our new dashboard, producers can now see at a glance what titles and genres are the most popular among infringers, and even which actress is attracting the most attention.”
For those businesses wanting to know more about ContentX or CTX Suite, please call (800) 762-4761 or visit contentx-tech.

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